5 Ways to Serve a Cold Bruja Cold-Brew Concentrate

By Will Wilkinson, Co-Founder, Cold Bruja Coffee Company

“How do you drink cold-brew concentrate?”

We get this question a lot, and our answer is not usually very satisfying...

“However you like.”

BUT if you insist, perhaps I can offer a little more detail! The truth is cold-brew concentrate is fundamentally a normal brew of coffee—it’s just strong. Like, really strong. So strong, in fact, that most people prefer to cut it with water to smooth out the flavor a bit (call it the caffeine equivalent of Everclear). This is because our method of steeping grounds for 24 hours allows enough time to extract the most caffeine and flavor we can possibly get from our beans.

That’s why we call it a concentrate, because the coffee you get from cold-brewing for an entire day is so bold-flavored and high caffeine that it’s really a bit too much to drink straight unless you’re trying to impress a girl or win a t-shirt.

This brings us back to our original answer—your concentrate should be enjoyed however you like. And how you like it will depend on how strong, how sweet, and how creamy you like your coffee. Bearing this in mind, I present you five general suggestions for how to serve your Cold Bruja cold-brew concentrate.


1. Neat or On the Rocks

Courtesy of LakeShoreLady.com

Courtesy of LakeShoreLady.com

That’s right—you can drink it right out of the bottle, if that’s how you like it. I get it—you’re trying to win a t-shirt. That’s cool. You can also pour it over ice, like a whiskey on the rocks. That’s equally cool, and the ice gives it that extra chill without losing the bite from the concentrate.

Can I tell you a secret, though? Our concentrates taste just about as good if not better with a little water added to it, which brings me to my second suggestion...


2. Cut With Filtered Water

It may sound like sacrilege to dilute coffee with water, but this is nothing abnormal in the coffee world. After all, what is an Americano but an espresso shot with water?

Same story with the concentrate. If it’s a good, strong coffee—like the Cold Bruja Concentrate, if I may say so myself—it’ll still taste great diluted with water, and you won’t have to worry about getting too jacked on caffeine.

Cold-brew concentrates are designed to be diluted with water. In fact, the term ready-to-drink is literally defined for cold-brew as “concentrate diluted with water”. Most brands do a 1:1 coffee-to-water ratio. For our ready-to-drinks, we dilute at a coffee-to-water ratio of closer to 3:1. That is, 9 oz. concentrate, 4 oz. water. This keeps the coffee strong, intense in flavor, and smooth all at the same time.


3. With Milk, Half n’ Half, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Camel Milk, or All of the Above!

If water is too boring for you, we won’t judge you for adding a little creamer. Our coffee tastes great with half n' half and any kind of milk! Plus, there’s nothing more beautiful than an iced cold-brew coffee with fresh milk poured into it.


4. With a Lot of Milk

Courtesy of Ohsheglows.com

Courtesy of Ohsheglows.com

Do you like coffee with your creamer? Well, we won’t judge you for that either. And what’s great about the Cold Bruja Concentrate is that it features such strong flavor tones of cacao and cinnamon that just a splash of it in a glass of milk will get you probably the closest thing to a chocolate-free chocolate milk that you’ll ever experience. It’s pretty bomb. I’m a fan of adding it to almond milk myself.


5. With Guinness

Taste it to believe it. We didn’t believe it either, until we tried it, and then we did. Half Guinness, half concentrate. Somehow it’s amazing.