What is Cold-Brew Coffee?

Cold-brew is not just a style of coffee but a brewing method. Instead of adding boiling water to coarse grounds, we let the grounds steep in cold water for 24 hours. This allows enough time for the water to naturally extract even more flavor, antioxidants, and caffeine than any other brewing method that relies on hot water.


What are the benefits of cold-brew?

Cold-brew coffee is naturally sweeter, richer, and smoother than traditional coffee. It also contains 60-70% less acid, for it is the intense heat of boiling water that releases the acids that lie dormant inside the grounds. By avoiding hot water, we avoid releasing those acids. The end result is a remarkably smooth cup of joe without a hint of bitterness to distract from the subtle flavor notes of fruit, nut, and cacao highlighted in the beans we source.


Is cold-brew coffee healthier than hot coffee?

Coffee is generally considered to be a healthy beverage-- before you add all the cream and sugar, of course! That said, individuals who suffer stomach discomfort from coffee’s high acidity might find cold-brew more agreeable. In addition to high-sugar sweeteners, coffee acid has been linked to tooth decay. Here at Cold Bruja, we take pride in producing one of the least acidic and naturally sweetest black coffees on the market. So if you are looking to wean yourself away from sugar for the sake of your teeth, our cold-brew is a great place to start.


How do I serve cold-brew?

However you like! Our ready-to-drink coffee can be enjoyed right out of the bottle, but you may also like it with ice and a splash of milk. As for the concentrate, you’ll want to experiment a little to find the right balance for you. It’s extra strong, so most people prefer to dilute it with up to one-half part water or milk to soften the taste. Check out our blog for recipes and tips!

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What’s a Cold-Brew Concentrate?

Cold-brew concentrate is really just coffee. We steep our small batch grounds in a cauldron of filtered water for 24 hours, because endless experimentation has proven that’s how long it takes to extract the maximum amount of flavor and caffeine from our beans. Once filtered, what we get is 100% pure, cold-brewed coffee. The only thing is it’s strong. Like, really strong. So strong, in fact, that most people will prefer to dilute it with equal parts water to soften the flavor. Check out this blog article for serving suggestions for our signature light roast concentrate.


What’s the shelf life for cold-brew coffee?

Boiling water has an impact on coffee beyond taste. Besides adding acidity and bitterness to the flavor, heat drastically shortens the shelf life of the beverage to no more than a few hours. Because heat is omitted entirely from the process, cold-brew coffee has a shelf life of over two months if kept at a cool temperature. That means you could crack open a bottle, drink half of it, and leave the open container in the fridge—and two weeks later it will still taste just about as delicious as it did on day one. Of course, we don’t know why you would ever want to wait that long!


Can Cold-Brew be Heated?

Yes it can! Heating cold-brewed coffee will not produce the same acidity as adding boiling water to dry coffee grounds. It even tastes good microwaved. So if you need your coffee hot, our cold-brew will give you the smoothest hot coffee you’ll ever find without all the acid. Even cooler—put it back in the fridge and it will return to its original cool temperature without any loss of flavor or freshness. Try for yourself!


So, what’s so cool about Cold Bruja?

For starters, we can fly on broomsticks. That’s pretty cool. But what really makes us special is our commitment to brewing the smoothest, least bitter, and naturally sweetest black coffee you’ll ever sip. We love cold-brew because by reducing the acidity, we reduce the bitterness and leave room for you to experience the wonderful and nuanced flavor tones of the bean we’ve brewed.

Our bottled ready-to-drink and concentrate coffee is brewed with a carefully curated, single-origin bean from the Southern Santos region of Brazil, an area unique for its low altitude and the consequently low-acid beans farmers have been able to produce. By light-roasting and cold-brewing these beans at just the right grind level, we are able to preserve the natural flavor profile of the bean without a trace of acid to get in the way. The final product is a smooth, aromatic black coffee, pronounced by strong notes of cacao and complemented by hints of nut and cinnamon. It is a truly unique coffee that we have grown to love, and we are excited to share it with the rest of the world beyond the coven!




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